Cashmart – Australia’s oldest Pawnbroker Franchise is offering you the opportunity to own and run your own profitable Pawn shop. With over a half a million pawnbroking transactions experience. Our winning systems and training programs have been developed over the last 45 years. Cashmart can give you a great opportunity to Invest in yourself and own and run a profitable, exciting business that has stood the test of time and produces profits year on year, in good times and bad!

Am I suited to Cashmart? A Cashmart Franchise is unfortunately not for everyone. Cashmart is committed to exclusively partnering with individuals that have the attributes compatible with Cashmart’s Values. A history of honesty and integrity is a must have. Cashmart will not partner with individuals, couples or groups who’s ethics, integrity, commitment and goals are not closely aligned with ours. There is no particular work background which is particularly advantageous. You will have supervised staff successfully, and enjoy working with customers who need help. You will be goal oriented and laser focused on achieving them.

Cashmart’s Founder and Managing Director, Simon Akie, is passionate about developing high-performance franchise owners and staff to maintain and continuously increase our reputation as the market leader in Pawnbroking in Australia. He is looking for franchise owners who will consider their values as aligning in most of the following attributes:

  • Sound Business Knowledge
  • Ethical
  • Outgoing
  • A strong people manager
  • Interested in the success of other people
  • Determined
  • A good staff recruiter
  • A strong Leader
  • Goal and achievement oriented
  • Confident

Pawnbroking and Secondhand dealing are regulated in all states of Australia and legal compliance is our first priority. Cashmart respects and complies with all State and Federal laws and regulations and we demand our staff and business partners do so also. For this important reason, we conduct thorough criminal, reference and other background checks on all prospective Franchisees. If you think there might be a minor issue in your past eg. D.U.I or any other historic misdemeanor, talk to us before the application process, It may not be a problem. If you have a history of problems with authority figures or being guided in what to do and how to do it, or following a time tested and proven process thanks for your interest, but this is not an opportunity for you. On the other hand, If you are motivated, positive, are a people person and will do whatever it takes to be successful, continue on!

Why a franchise? Pawnbroking is as old as recorded history, some 3000 years old! Pawnbroking is an interesting and technical profession that requires unique skills. Pawnbroking, buying and selling a wide range of personal assets provides a high degree of variety, you never know what will walk through the door next. We train you in the skills you must have using Cashmart’s structured training modules and real-time transactions, developed over the last 4 Decades. We are always available, in person on the phone or on- line, We are all in with you, committed business partners.

A Cashmart franchise offers you the opportunity to finally be your own boss and build your wealth as a business owner. You will leverage your’s and our management skills to lead and mentor your staff members and you will be leading by example. It will afford you an opportunity to break through your previous earning limits and tie your income directly to your efforts.

You will:

  • Achieve results based on your own creativity and hard work
  • Achieve personal and Financial Goals
  • Achieve great satisfaction by getting to know and help customers achieve their goals, and in making a contribution to your local community
  • Achieve a better lifestyle
  • Achieve increased wealth

How do you become part of this great business opportunity? Simple – Fill in the enquiry form

What will it cost to Join the Party?

To join Cashmart, you need access to $250,000 - $450,000 depending on the territory and Cashmart Version all-inclusive of GST. This includes your exclusive territory with a five-year term and a further five-year franchise term option. Cashmart also Charges a monthly royalty for the use of its name, business systems developed over 45 years, manuals and ongoing support. Royalties are charged as a percentage, on a sliding a scale that is tied to performance and business cycles. We have worked hard to develop our royalty structure as a tool to create “all in” partnerships. In a nutshell, we are successful when you are successful.

Cashmart continuously engages in Marketing and promotion as part of its win-seeking culture (winning feels great, we do everything we can to do it as much as possible, but more on that after you join.). A small percentage of receipts are charged for promotion and marketing. This levy is held in trust and both Corporate, Company owned and Franchised Cashmart stores are required to contribute an equal percentage applied using the same formula for each store. This covers group marketing costs such as advertising, The use, and promotion of the Cashmart website, online advertising, The promotion of the 6 scheduled “on sale” events per year and the promotion of VIP events amongst others.

A full breakdown of all costs are provided to you in the information sharing process in stage 2, via Cashmart’s detailed information pack. The Size of premises/Cashmart version will have a significant influence on set up costs. Cashmart does not compromise on minimum standard’s for layout, presentation, equipment and security of sites, for the collective benefit of the group as a whole, however, Cashmart takes a common sense approach to new site creation. Any savings gained from your set up costs, so long as our minimum standards are not compromised as per our store layout and style guide, are yours to keep - Good on you! Cashmart will never charge you more than the raw cost and mandatory taxes if applicable, to get your Cashmart up and flying on Grand opening day.

So what are you paying for?

  • Your one off, Franchise signing Fee of $60,000
  • Training Fee, inc. on the job training. Our training modules are your jet to the promised land. Successful Pawnbroking is an acquired skill, usually learned at the “University of hard knocks” over many years, It’s usually done by setting fire to money, in the form of losing deals and costly mistakes. Our systems and unique training modules remove and reduce the rookie mistakes that cost you money. They are all about optimising return on transactions with the goal of getting your original investment paid back as quickly as possible. One of the most successful, experienced and oldest heads in the Pawnbroking game in Australia has made a huge contribution to our Unique Training Modules. He is a lifetime student of human nature and gives us a unique insight into how to stack the odds in your favour. You will learn a system that will increase your probability of securing every deal you want at the right price. We have boiled down this “money can’t buy” knowledge, techniques and systems into High-Quality structured training systems. We are not aware of a more comprehensive training program directly relating to Pawnbroking, available anywhere else in the world.
  • Launch Month. We are there with you, on site, shoulder to shoulder, Monday to Friday open to close, for the first 30 days. On - site supervision, structured, Fast tracked training and guidance. Unlimited term of Franchise telephone support.
  • Legal, Documentation Fees and recruitment costs.
  • Initial start-up kit including Stationery and Uniforms.
  • All Information technology and Point of Sale equipment.
  • Stock preparation equipment.
  • Enough Starting Capital to quickly create your retail and pawn transaction income streams.
  • All Franchise operating manuals including your local marketing manual and toolset.
  • Opening retail stock.

Next Step? - Let’s Talk! Contact: Simon Akie, Founder, and Managing Director at Cashmart (Franchising) Pty Ltd on 03 8680 2348.

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